I. One Flesh Beginnings (Genesis 2:18-25)


     A. God said Adam needed a helper/companion/completer (v.18)


     B. God  made Eve/woman to stand by as helper for Adam/man (v.18)


     C. God made Eve/woman from Adam/man (v.21)


     D. God made only one Eve/woman no spares (v.21)


     E. God made Eve/woman to meet the need of Adam/man (v.22)


     F. God brought Eve/woman to Adam/man (v.22)


     G. God personally sanctioned their relationship (v.22)


     H. Adam understands & responds with the name: Woman (v.23)


      J. Moses pronounces institution of marriage-'one flesh' (v.24)


 II. One Flesh Purposes


     A. Be fruitful and multiply (1:27,28)


      B. Helper fit for the man (2:18)


      C. Intimate Physical/Spiritual Relationship (2:24)


III. One Flesh Occurrences in Scripture


     A. Divorce Doctrine by the Lord (Matthew 19:5,6; Mark 10:8)


     B. Defilement of the Temple (I Corinthians 6:16)


IV. One Flesh Endings-Mega Mystery (Ephesians 5:22-33)


     A. Authority Structure Must be in Order (v.22-24)


     B. Admonition for Sacrificial Love  (v.25)


     C. Admonition for Sanctifying w/Word  (v.26)


     D. Admonition for Spotless Glorification  (v.27)


     E. Admonition for Self-love to Wife (v.28)


     F. Explanation/Reason for Husband's Actions (v.29,30)


     G. Institution of Marriage Quoted from Genesis 2 (v.31)


     H. Exclamation of Magnitude of Mystery (v.32)


      J. Conclusion/Summary of One Flesh- Mega Mystery (v.33)


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