Seven Bible Examples: Effects of the Devil's 'D's

  1. Moses: Numbers 11:11-15
    1. Moses' Defeat/Depression/Despair (v.11-13) Questioning the Will of God
    2. Moses' Despondency/Desire for Death (v.14, 15)
  2. Saul: I Samuel 28-31
    1. Saul's Defeat/Distress/Despair-(28) "I am sore distressed...Saul was sore afraid...there was no strength in him...
    2. Saul's Death/Destruction... "Saul took a sword and fell upon it." (31)
  3. Elijah: I Kings 19
    1. Elijah's Defeat/Distress (v.3) "He arose and went for his life..."
    2. Elijah's Depression/Despair/Despondency/Desire for Death (v.4) "He requested for himself that he might die..."
  4. Job: Job 6:9, 10:1
    1. Job's Desire for Destruction... "Even that it would please God to destroy me"
    2. Job's Distress/Despondency "My soul is weary of my life..."
  5. Jeremiah's Defeat/Distress/Despondency: Lamentations 3:18 "My strength and my hope is perished from the Lord"
  6. Jonah's Depression/Despondency Jonah 4:3 "Therefore now O Lord take, I beseech Thee, my life from me, for it is better for me to die than to live."
  7. Judas' Death/Destruction-Matthew 27:4, 5 "I have sinned, I have betrayed innocent blood...He departed and went and hanged himself"

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