Esther: The Providence & Protection of God


**God Never Abandons His People in Spite of Disobedience  **He Is the Sovereign Controller of History


**He Raises Up Jewish Girl Out of Obscurity to Become Queen of the Most Powerful Empire on Earth


**He Ensures Moredcai's Deed Is Recorded in the Kings Chronicles


**He Guides Esther's Admission to Court of the King  **He Superintends the Timing of Esther's Feasts


**He is Directly Involved/ Kings Insomnia and It's Cure  **He Sees Haman's Gallows Unexpectedly Used


 **He Gives Esther Great Favor in the Sight of the King  **He Brings About New Decree & Victory/Jews 


Theme: God Uses Ordinary People to Overcome Extraordinary Circumstances to Accomplish His Will


I. The Jews Threatened (Chapter 1-4)


II. The Jews Triumph (Chapter 5-10)


                                                               I Peter: Suffering & Glory

 I. Salvation of the Believer (1:3-12)


     A. Hope for the Future (v.3,4)


     B. Trials for the Present (v.5-9)


     C. Anticipation in the Past (v.10-12)


 II. Sanctification of the Believer (1:13-2:12)


     A. Be Ye Holy (1:13-21)


     B. Love One Another (1:22-25)


     C. Preparation of the Priest unto God (2:1-3)


     D. Practice of the Priest unto God (2:5,9)


     E. Person of Christ (2:4,6-8)


     F. Privilege of the Priest (v.10)


     G. Priority of the Priest (v.11,12)


IV. Submission of the Believer (2:13-3:12)


    A. Submission to Government (2:13-17)


    B. Submission in Business (2:18-25)


    C. Submission in Marriage (3:1-8)


    D. Submission in All of Life (3:9-12)


IV. Suffering of the Believer (3:13-5:14)


    A. Conduct in Suffering (3:13-17)


    B. Christ's Example of Suffering (3:18-4:6)


    C. Commands in Suffering (4:7-19)


    D. Ministers in Suffering (5:1-14)

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