'RETURNING TO THE LORD'                                                                               


  I. First Returning Remnant/Construction of the Temple/Zerubbabel (Chapter 1-6)


     A. Cyrus' Decree (1:1-4)


     B. Return of the People (1:5-2:70)


     C. Preparation of the People (3:1-6)


     D. Temple Foundation Complete (3:7-13)


     E. Temple Opposition (4:1-24)


     F. Temple Completion/Dedication (5:1-6:28)


    G. Celebration of Passover (6:19-22)


 II. Second Returning Remnant/Restoration of the People/Ezra (7:1-10:44)


     A. Ezra's Preparation (7:1-10)


     B. Decree of Artaxerxes (7:11-28)


     C. Preparation/Return of the Remnant (8:1-36)


     D. Sin of the People Revealed (9:1,2)


     E. Ezra's Response (9:3,4)


     F. Ezra's Prayer (9:5-15)


     G. Revival/Restoration of People (10:1-44)


III. The Lord Jesus Christ's Superior Priesthood/Covenant/Sanctuary/Sacrifice (Hebrews 7:1-10:18)


     A. Superior Priesthood of Melchizedek (7:1-10)


     B. Inferior Priesthood of Aaron (7:11-28)


     C. Superior Covenant of Christ (8:1-13)


     D. Superior Sacrifice and Sanctuary of Christ (9:1-10:18)


IV. The Superiority of the Christian's Walk of Faith (10:19-13:25)


    A. Ehortation to Full Assurance of Faith (10:19-11:40)


    B. Endurance of Faith (12:1-29)


    C. Exhortation to Love (13:1-17)


    D. Ending with Grace (13:18-25) 

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