I. The Upward Start of Saul


       A. Strong in Character & Appearance  (I Samuel 9:1.2)


       B. Sought out Man of God/Faithful (I Samuel 9:6)


       C. Sent by God (I Samuel 9:15-17)


       D. Chosen & Anointed by God (I Samuel 10:1)


       E. Spirit of the Lord Came Upon Him (I Samuel 10:6)


       F. Turned into Another Man (I Samuel 10:6)


       G. God Gave Him Another Heart (I Samuel 10:9)


       H. Prophesies with Power of the Spirit of God (I Samuel 10:9)


        J. Humble in the Beginning (I Samuel 9:21, 10:22)


       K. Leader in Time of Crisis (I Samuel 11:1-11)


        L. People Acknowledge Him (I Samuel 11:12)


 II. The Downward Slide of Saul (Pride: Source (I Samuel 15:17)


        A.Neglecting the Word (Deuteronomy 17:18-20)


        B. Disobeying the Word (I Samuel 13:13,14)


        C. Rejecting the Word (I Samuel 15:22,23)


        D. Renting of the Kingdom (I Samuel 15:28)


        E. Departing of the Spirit (I Samuel 16:14)


        F. Troubling of an Evil Spirit (I Samuel 16:14)


        G. Jealousy, Rage, Rash Vows, False Suspicion, Murder Attempts, Confusion, Murders Priests, Consults Witch, Suicide!!


III. The Doctrine of Spiritual Success


       A. Exposure To Supernatural Word Must be Daily (Deuteronomy 17:19)


       B. Exposure To Supernatural Word Determines Spiritual Success (Joshua 1:8)


       C. Exposure To Supernatural Word Necessary from the Beginning (Deuteronomy 6:4-9)


       D. Exposure To Supernatural Word Necessary to the End (John 6:63)

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