'The Temple Story'


  I. Temple Site Origination (I Chronicles 21)


      A. Designated by God (v.18)


       B. Purchased by David (v.19-25)


       C. Approved by God (v.26,27)


       D. Sacrifice by David (v.28-30)


 II. Temple Construction & Destruction Past & Future


       A. 1st: Constructed by Solomon-971 B.C. (II Chronicles 1-5)


       B. 1st: Destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar-August 9, 586 B.C. (II Chronicles 36)


       C. 2nd: Constructed by Zerubbabel-516 B.C. (Ezra 1-7)


       D. 2nd: Destroyed by Titus  August 9 A.D. 70-Beginning of Diaspora of the Jews   (Dan.9:26;Matthew 24:2)


       E. 3rd: Construction-Before: Mid-Point Daniel's 70th Wk, Day of the Lord, Great Trib'n (Dan. 9:27; II Th.2:7,8)


       F. 3rd: Destruction-During The Day of the Lord Judgment (Revelation 11:1,2)


       G. 4th: Construction-During The Millennium (Ezekiel 40-48)


III. Temple Desecration Past & Future (Jewish Emphasis)


       A. Past-Antichrist's Type-Antiochus Epiphanes 167 B.C. (Daniel 8:9-25, 11:21-35; Zechariah 9:13-17)


            1. Accurate Pattern


            2. Actual History


       B. Future-Antichrist-Mid 70th Wk.-Beg.G.T.- Before Day of the Lord (Dan. 9:27; Mt.24:15; II Thess. 2:1-10)


            1. Mystery of Iniquity


            2. Man of Sin Revealed


       C. Parallel Pattern for Both


            1. Both enter into a covenant to protect Israel (I Macc. 1:11,12; Daniel 9:27)


            2. Both make covenants with the many/majority (Macc. 1:11, 43, 52; Daniel 9:27)


            3. Both groups of Jews apostasize (I Macc. 2:15; II Thess. 2:3)


            4. Both break their covenant w/Jews (I Macc. 1:20,21; Daniel 11:31, 9:27; Matthew 24:15)


            5. Both break their covenant by introducing false gods into the Temple (I Macc.1:20,21; II Thess 2:4)


            6. Both are opposed by some of the Jews & many perish (I Macc. 1:62,63; Matthew 24:9)


            7. Both occurrences Jews flee to the mountains (I Macc. 2:27-29; Matthew 24:16-20)


            8. Both occurrences many religious Jews die/Sabbath violation (I Macc. 2:29-37; Matthew 24:20)


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