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Have you Received the FREE GIFT of Salvation through Jesus Christ?

If not, Why not?

  • Has anyone ever explained to you from the Bible what 'salvation' means?

  • Has anyone ever told you what the Bible says you must do in order to be 'saved'?

  • Has anyone ever shown you from the Bible 'why' you must be saved?

  • OR...perhaps you have never heard of The Lord Jesus Christ.

The following links each explain what the Bible says about God's FREE GIFT of salvation through The Lord Jesus Christ, who is the very reason that we celebrate Christmas. Please read each one carefully, until you are SURE you understand what the Bible says. It is our prayer that this Christmas you will accept God's greatest gift---
His Son Jesus Christ.


"Christmas Messages"

[God's Free Gift to You] [Links] [Preparing for the Holy One]
[The Marvelous Message of Christmas] [Traditions]
[Twas The Night Before Jesus Came] [What is Important about Christmas?]

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