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Psalm 2

"Yet have I set My King on My holy hill of Zion"

God's majestic statement of promise pierces the deluge of clamoring voices of the heathen with a somewhat poetic but promising declaration. He soundly proclaims the day is yet to come when He, with His thundering, almighty, omnipotence, will set, put in position with firmness, the Lord Jesus Christ on the Mount which multitudes revere, but which only One will control in the final analysis!

In vs.1-3 of Psalm 2, the Voice of the World's rebellious resounds: "Why do the heathen (Gentiles) rage, and the people (Israel) imagine a vain thing? The defiant insurrection of the nations pictured here, focuses on the end time gathering of forces against the Lord of Lords and King of Kings!

"The kings of the earth set themselves..." they have given the call for induction into the army of armies, the mother of all armies, so called, is set against the God of Heaven. "The rulers take counsel together..." This is the meeting of all the world's great military genius for the planning and perpetrating of the final assault against the Army of Heaven, yes, "against the Lord, and against His Anointed." The Messiah, the Anointed One, is Who they are fighting against, the very One many of these have been hopelessly waiting for, they have already rejected Him once, and now will be faced with Jesus Christ, the True Messiah and His Mighty Host from Heaven!

However, their proposal is the all too familiar goal of every rebellious person from the beginning of time, "Let us break their bands, and cast away their cords from us." We will not have Him as our King, our only king is Caesar, let His Blood be upon us and our children. Rebellion against authority and rejection of God's Man and His will are the choruses sung by all rebellious masses.The good restraints of God's law are seen as hindrances to freedom in the mind of the teeming multitude described here.

In vs.4-6 the Voice of God the Father who sits in the heavens, laughing, having this pitiful multitude of raging heathen in derision. However, His voice booms with wrath, He vexes them, bringing great trouble upon them "in His sore displeasure." He then gives His proclamation of great import: "Yet have I set My King upon My holy hill of Zion". The world has gathered all its power and might, bringing together all of it's kings and rulers to oppose and defy the God of Heaven! His simple but pointed response summarizes the final word on the subject: You've had your day, your kings, your rulers, your gathered force and might, but I have yet to set My King, The Lord Jesus Christ, The Anointed One, The Mighty Messiah, the King of kings, My King... and when I do, it will be upon My holy hill of Zion! Emphasis on My!! Enough said! When God speaks, it is the final Word! He in essence has already predicted and therefore revealed the outcome! He will possess His holy hill of Zion, He will rule from Jerusalem, and when the dust settles, every knee shall bow and all kings and rulers will be put under His Feet!

Verses 7-9 give us the Voice of the Son, God's Messianic King. His response to the Father's proclamation: "I will declare the decree: the Lord (God the Father) hath said unto Me (God the Son) Thou art My Son, this day have I begotten Thee." This response of the Lord Jesus Christ is spoken with an unshakable resolution. The declaration of this decree shows the Lord Jesus Christ's unique relationship to His Father as the Gospel of Matthew also records in chapter three verse seventeen: "This is My beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased." He is begotten of God referring to the Resurrection of the Lord (Acts 13:33) not to His physical birth.

In verse 8 the emphasis is on the universal dominion Jesus will have over all the nations of the world when He comes to rule with a rod of iron during the Kingdom Age also known as the Millennium. And all He has to do is ask the Father and it shall be done!

Verse 9 underlines His unwavering administration of the righteous law of God utilizing the aforementioned symbolic "rod of iron" to demonstrate His certain authority and power to execute judgment and justice throughout His Kingdom. The illustration of shattering a clay vessel in a multitude of pieces shows the obvious force the Lord alone will have in that day!

Verses 10-12 bring the Psalm in focus as the Voice of the Holy Spirit is heard administering wisdom and instruction to His audience. His recommendation to the nations: "Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling: Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and ye perish from the way; when His wrath is kindled but a little." The firm admonition by the Holy Spirit counsels the nations to submit to the King of kings, serving and paying homage to Him who alone is worthy, who alone can and will rule them with righteous judgment!

"Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him." The Psalmist closes this often-quoted sentinel of prophecy with an all inclusive statement directed specifically to those kings and rulers that are "without the camp." However, we the children of God can grasp firmly and take hold of the promise that is here waiting for our faith to appropriate in our moment by moment reliance on the Holy Spirit. Yes, the only way to be truly and fully blessed is by recognizing Who the Lord Jesus is, by faith receiving Him as Saviour and Lord, trusting Him as the rightful King of kings, the One Who controls the very outcome of the ages, and each event and circumstance that enters our individual lives!

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