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"The Wise Woman of God"

On a recent news-talk show the woman co-host proudly underlined and emphasized the impact women have had on the business world. She of course was voicing her opinion of how the last twenty years were radically different for the good. Women have marched into the forefront and have excelled in making a difference showing their equality with men, or so she would have you to believe. Women have always been equal with men in the eyes of God, but their role is not the one outlined by modern day female news anchors. No, God has a higher calling for "The Wise Woman of God" and Titus 2:3-5; I Timothy 5:2-14; Proverb 31; and the Old & New Testament life stories of Sarah, Hannah, Ruth and Mary provide the Born-Again Believer with the doctrine and examples of God's plan. However, more and more Christian women are following the tradition of the modern-day world which unfortunately is one of the major underlying causes of decay in our society. Along with the "impact for good" women have had on the business world goes the statistics of increased crime, broken families, drug addiction, and teen suicide, over the last twenty years, just to mention a few. When mothers decide it is more important to abandon their children in order to make an "impact for good" in the business world she, the children, and the society as a whole are the losers, not to mention the profound impact it has on the local church. One nationally renowned Bible preacher has rightly said:"The problem with America is, nobody's home!" Yes, the abandonment of the home by women, young and old, will produce the statistics we are seeing in the world today, however, God says it will also cause "the Word of God to be blasphemed" or spoken against, reviled and denied openly! (Titus 2:5) . Why? Because unbelievers have a sense of God's standards even though they don't live by them and when they see 'Christians' living just as they do, they openly scorn and reject God & His Word. This is the greatest and most alarming result of tradition being followed, rather than the Truth of the precious Word of God!

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