1. Love: Agape/supernatural/ sacrificial actions toward an imperfect person w/o expecting return

               Storgos: Parental affection

               Phileo: Brotherly kindness

               Eros: Lustful emotion


2. Joy: Outward expression of bliss (Nehemiah 8:10- The Joy of the Lord is your strength


3. Peace: State of quiet, calm, confident serenity-No Worries!


4. Longsuffering: Attitude of refusing to return harmful words or actions given you by another


5. Gentleness: Kindness to  others shown through actions


6. Goodness: Display of right and honest motives


7. Faith: Full trust in God-Regardless!


8. Meekness: Humble, lowly, unselfish, controlled strength


9. Temperance: Moderation in all things, self control



                                                               FIVE FRUITS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT


1. Concepts: (John 15:5) He that abides in Me and I in you the same bringeth forth much fruit...


2. Character: (Romans 6:22) Fruit unto Holiness...


3. Conduct: (Galatians 5:22,23) Fruit of the Spirit...


4. Converts: (John 15:16) Go and bring forth fruit...


5. Conversation: (Hebrews 13:15) Fruit of our lips...

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