"Famous Last Words"


  I. David's Famous Last Words (I Chronicles 22-29)


   A. Preparing for  Solomon (22:1-19)


      1. Man of War to Man of Peace


      2. Blessing and Building


      3. Prayer for Wisdom Understanding


      4. Conditional Prosperity


      5. Command to Action


   B. David's Gathering of Authorities (Chapter 23-27)


   C. David's Charge to Israel (28:1-8)


   D. David's Second Charge to Solomon (28: 9,10)


   E. David Gives Solomon Plans for Temple (28: 11-19)


   F. David Encourages  Solomon (28:20,21)


   G. David's Giving Example (29:1-5)


   H. Peoples' Joyous Giving (29:6-9)


    J. David Blesses God (29:10-19)


   K. David's Congregation Worshipping (29:20-22)


   L. Solomon Enthroned (29:23-25)


  M. David's Departure (29:26-30)


II. Famous Last Things (II Thessalonians 1-3)


   A. Encouraging the Persecuted (Chapter 1)


   B. Explaining Day of the Lord (Chapter 2)


   C. Exhorting the Church (Chapter 3)


 III. Paul's Famous Last Words (I Timothy)


   A. Wisdom/Warning for Timothy (Chapter 1)


   B. Worship Directions (Chapter 2:1-8)


   C. Wisdom for Women (Chapter 2:9-15, 5:2-16 )


   D. Way of the Servant of God (Chapter 3)


   E. Warnings to the Servant of God (Chapter 4:1-6)


   F. Walk of the Servant of God (Chapter 4:7-16)


  G. Work of the Servant of God (Chapter 5:1,17-25)


  H. Wisdom to Worker/ Wealth and the Servant of God (Chapter 6)



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