Galatians: Gospel of God/Salvation By Grace/Justification by Faith


   I. The Gospel of Christ (Chapter 1)


    A. Introduction 1:1-5


    B. Reason for Epistle 1:6-9


  II. Justification by Faith/Paul's Authority Defended (Chapter 1, 2)


    A. Paul's Authority Acquired by Revelation 1:10-24


    B. Paul's Authority Approved by Church  2:1-10


    C. Paul's Authority Acknowledged 2:11-21


III. Justification by Faith Explained (Chapter 3,4)


   A. Argument from Experience  3:1-5


   B. Argument from Abraham  3:6-9


   C. Argument from Law  3:10-4:11


   D. Argument from Personal Testimony  4:12-15


   E. Argument from Allegory  4:21-31


IV. Justification by Faith Applied (Chapter 5,6)


   A. Liberty of the Spirit vs. Bondage of the Law 5:1-15


   B. Flesh and Spirit Truths/Command 5:16-18


   C. 18 Works of the Flesh 5:19-21


      1. Immorality #1-4


      2. Idolatry #5 & 6


      3. Intolerance #7-16


      4. Intemperance #17 & 18


   D. Fruit of the Spirit 5:22-23


      1. Love
2. Joy 
3. Peace
4. Longsuffering
5. Gentleness
6. Goodness
7. Faith 
8. Meekness
9. Temperance


   E. Formula for Spirit's Power 5:24-26


   F. Duties of the Justified (Serving Others) 6:1-10


   G. Paul's Conclusion 6:11-18





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