'Much More Than a Prophet'

                                                                                       (Luke 7:24-30)


  I. My Messenger (Luke 7:27)[ Isaiah 40:3-8; Malachi 3:1]


      A. His Person (Malachi 3:1a; Isaiah 40:3a)


       B. His Purpose (Malachi 3:1b; Isaiah 40:3b)


       C. His Plan (Isaiah 40:4)


       D. His Promise (Isaiah 40:5)


       E.  His Proclamation (Isaiah 40:6-11)


II. Not a Greater Prophet (Luke 7:28)


       A. His Methods/Manner (Elijah-Like)


            1. Confronted Political Authority


            2. Confronted Religious Authority


            3. Called People to Repentance/Revival


            4. Clothing/Appearance Similar


            5. Calling/Conduct Similar


       B. His Ministry (Elijah-Like) (Matthew 3:1-12)


              1. He Stood in a Difficult Place & Time


              2. He Preached an Unpopular Message


              3. He Stood Alone (v.3)


              4. He was a Non-Conformist (v.4)


              5. He had God-Given Holy Spirit Filled Magnetism (v.5)


              6. He Got Results in His Ministry (v.6)


              7. He Spoke out Against God's Enemies (v.7)


              8. He was Confident in His Life-Giving Message (v.8)


              9. He Denounced Religious Tradition (v.9)


             10. He Proclaimed God's Judgment (v.10)


             11. He Announced the Ministry of the Christ (v.11)


             12. He Described the Ministry of the Christ (v.12)


 III. He [Elijah] Truly Shall Come First (Matthew 17:11)


      A. His First Appearance (I Kings 17)


      B. His Second Appearance [Elijah-Like John the Baptist] (Matthew 3)


      C. His Third Appearance [Elijah-Like??????????] (Malachi 4:5,6; Matthew 17:9-13; Revelation 11:3-12; Zechariah 4:1-3, 11-14)

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