Principles of Suffering: The Book of Job


Purposes of Suffering:


   1. Challenge in the spiritual realm between God & Satan/God's Plan in the Universe(Job)


   2. Sin is judged (Cross of the Lord)


   3. Perfecting Process of God's Child (Hebrews 5:9,10, 12:1ff)


Bottom Line: Experience more important than the reason why


Purpose: To learn more faith/trust walk with the Lord


God's Answer to Job: This experience has been important to you

                                       Everything has a meaning even if hidden from man

                                       Tells him nothing about the reason for suffering


Job Questions the Purpose of Life/Questions God/Desires Death/Asks Why Me?/Wants to be Left Alone/Vascillates from faith to doubt


Key: Man is not the center of the universe, purposes for universe beyond man's comprehension, natural order not understood by man


Job didn't merit the suffering he experienced, he was the most righteous, just man on earth


Job's position as the most righteous was the reason he was chosen by God to suffer


We are the battlefield, the armor is necessary to make it through experience of suffering


Faith is the link between theology and experience not rationalization


Man's response when suffering should be:


     1. Search heart for sin


     2. Confess sin and abide in Christ


     3. Don't speculate why


     4. Rejoice in that you are counted worth to suffer for His name


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